Whether you are an expert (a true connoisseur) or not – even if you are just about to discover the world of wines, if you enjoy wine, you will find many opportunities in the vicinity of Les Bardons.

For example, visit the little known but wonderful vineyards of Rhone-Cote Roannais and discover the Vins de la Côte Roannaise. The Côte Roannais are situated just a few kilometres from La Pacaudière. The red wines and the rosé wines have their own appellation contrôlée and are made from the Gamay grapes, called Saint Romain. The Côte Roannais wines are not widely known and are well worth discovering >

Much better known are the Beaujolais. This wine region – on approximately 1hour drive, produces all kinds of wine. From special, beautiful and famous Crus to the one the Beaujolais is most famous about: the well known Beaujolais Primeur, the wine of the last harvest which is traditionally held at baptism in the third week of November.

Renowned Burgundy is also not far away. The Burgundy wines are famous and loved all over the world. A stay at Chateau Les Bardons is an excellent opportunity for a “route des vins”. Driving through the vineyards of the Bourgogne will definitely make a pleasant memory. Enjoy the landscapes and the marvellous views and visit the wine cellars of some of the many Burgundy wine chateaus to taste some of the best wines of the world. We also suggest to take the opportunity to visit Beaune. It really is worthwhile.