The X-mas season 2014 is coming!

mistletoeThe great holiday season is coming. Arriving at Les Bardons where the Christmas tree and the house are wonderfully decorated.

Ready for your X-mas holiday. Perhaps it’ll even snow in La Pacaudiere! Together with your loved ones, gathered around the fireplaces. With the warmth and glow of the fire and the beautiful soft candle lights, you’ll dream away. The spacious sitting-room with the big golden X-mas tree, your loved ones with happy eyes, a smile and a tear; it has been a year.

Kissing your lover underneath the mistletoe, opening up some special presents, enjoying the wonderful and exciting smells coming out of the kitchen, and the soft talks from your friends. The table will be set, and nicely decorated, the candles lighted. The champagne glasses are going to be filled. A great time to spend the last days of the year!

We will organize the mistletoe and hope we can welcome you for your special period this year!


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