Restaurants are everywere. For the French, food is a way of life. The French cuisine is well-known and is full of traditions. Every region has its own specialties, in which local products and typical ingredients and spices play a major role.


Also on the menu of the restaurants close to Les Bardons, you will find these (regional) products and the typical local ingredients besides, of course, various classic and famous French dishes.


You will find a great number of good restaurants near Chateau Les Bardons. Most spectacular is undoubtedly the famous Troisgros in Roanne, just 20 kilometers away. This restaurant has held 3 Michelin stars for over 40 years (!).

But also in small and simple restaurants you will be pleasantly surprised about the quality and nice, pure atmosphere, including those where French workmen eat their plat du jour.


In Iguerande, a 15 minutes drive, you must visit the oil mill of J. Leblanc. The delicious oils from Leblanc, some of them rank among the best in the world, are still made to traditional methods. In Iguerande, Michel Troigros opened his third restaurant La Colline du Colombier, quite à la campagne, in an old, totally and tastefully renovated farmhouse.

La Pacaudière

Only a few kilometers from La Pacaudière you’ll find the restaurant Relais de La Borde, where “grenouilles” (frog legs) are the specialty of the house.

Le Crozet & St Haon Le Chatel

The beautiful medieval village of Le Crozet lies directly next to La Pacaudière. It is nice to walk through the car-free village.

This applies also for St Haon Le Chatel, a beautiful small village with a very special, cherished atmosphere. Pay a visit to the characteristic Le Passage Secret, with garden terrace surrounded by ancient walls, where you enjoy a kir and pastis. Some 50 meters ahead you can enjoy excellent lunches and dinners at the restaurant Au Natur’elles.


In Ambièrle the restaurant Le Prieuré got its first Michelin star in the spring of 2009.


Beabar at La Pacaudiere

Beabar at La Pacaudiere

Auberge Au Natur'elles in Haon de Chatel

Auberge Au Natur’elles in Haon de Chatel